All Good Things Stem from Nick Luecking

I ran a Kickstarter back in 2012 but REALLY my good friend Nick Luecking ran the campaign. We met Nick when we were looking for pre-production interns. I had posted on Craigslist or Mandy. I was looking for a 10hr/week commitment from someone and in exchange, they'd get a crew position on the film. I interviewed about a dozen people and Nick was laid back and decent when we first met him. I say laid back because I'm very anxious and he seemed to be stable. We had a meeting or two and people started to disappear and Nick stayed. He came up with ideas, he started getting involved and Sean and I were always struck by how positive and encouraging he was about everything. 

As the campaign continued he tweeted, gathered followers, started connections. He created the B&B family out of nothing. I will forever be grateful. 

We had a few other people stay involved (what up, Laura Petersen! Flora! Yaro! Aram!), but a lot of people disappeared. I mean, no-budget filmmaking doesn't offer a lot, and I don't blame anyone for disappearing! 

Fast forward to four years later. In the space between, Nick did some DIT, 2nd AC, and 1st AC work on our film Bread and Butter. He became the DP for the show Sean and I were on  ("Just Seen It") and now he's back with us helping out on our second feature, PLAN B. 

There's no real point to this blog post other than to celebrate Nick. One day I'd like to buy Nick a really fancy vegetarian dinner (because in addition to donating bone marrow, and being a generally great person, he's also a vegetarian). In entertainment, everyone is sweet and kind but we're all on our own very self consumed journey. Nick finds a way to make his journey, other people's journey as well. I want to be like him when I grown up. He's one of the best. Here's to Nick!