The Long Haul

I want to be really open about this whole process of making my new movie, SPEED OF LIFE. I remember wanting to making a movie and not knowing where and how to start. So... since I have some more time on my hands (we changed production dates from August to April), I want to use this time to share the process with whoever wants to listen. 

There are a few things I can’t share- cast names, details of my investors and their investments, but what I can share- I will.

Let’s start with what has happened so far.  

In March of last year I ran the Kickstarter for the film - here

After that I continued to work on the script, look for investors and then landed a job at Sundance.

The script has changed drastically. What started as a horror/suspense film about a senior character has now turned into a sci-fi dramedy about a woman in her early 60s who is confronted with a time traveling ex boyfriend. 

My love of Doctor Who was probably a big influence on that content change...  

At Sundance I created a writers group which lasted a few months  -  and also established a regular writing date with a few coworkers there until we all got distracted and stopped meeting up.  Lucky for me, that was around when I felt the script was in a decent place. 

Around this time I got approached by two filmmaking friends who expressed interested in producing. I approached a third and eventual fourth producer to round out our team. And then... 

... with our script in a decent state,  started to go out to cast.

When at Sundance Film Festival in January, I met with this fabulous filmmaker who is also involved in the nonprofit film world. I asked him for recommendations for my lead role of JUNE and he sent me a list that was incredibly valuable.

We approached several actors before JUNE was attached and they all wanted to wait until JUNE was on officially. Now that she is, we’re re-approaching all that talent.

What do we approach them with, you ask?

 - With either an offer letter or an informal reachout with information about the film that usually prompts a request of the script from the talent rep.

After we send the script out, we wait 10-14 days and see if we get a response. It’s a long process and sometimes the offer letter will expedite it as you can put a deadline on that.

That is a template I cannot unfortunately share.

So now we’re at the stage of re-approaching those actors, playing the waiting game, and polishing the script.

Counting down the days to April. There’s still a lot up in the air.

Here if you want to chat, hoping to be open and work with others to break down walls that prevent filmmakers from taking action and putting work out into the world.