Ex-Boyfriends and Death (Questions)

The plot of our film, PLAN B, revolves around an older woman who wakes up to her ex-boyfriend (from 50 years ago!) in bed with her. 

During this Kickstarter campaign, as I polish the script, I started to think about what it would be like to get back in touch with my own exes. What are the feelings that arise? What would they have to say? Are they also afraid of death? What do they think of the film? 

I'm using the term "ex" liberally, and have reached out (at the risk of my own complete and wholehearted embarrassment) to three men I haven't talked to for a while. Only one responded, which, considering, is probably great odds. To round things out, I asked Sean (my partner in crime) to answer the same questions I asked my ex. 

At his request, I changed the ex's name to something "super bitchin'" (his words, not mine). 

What follows are a list of the questions I asked both people. Two separate blog entries will cover their responses:

1) What are your greatest fears?

2) Please pick one and share if you have any thoughts on its origin. 

3) Please elaborate on how you feel when in the midst of being confronted with this fear. 

4) If death isn't in the top, what are your thoughts on the possibility of dying? (if death was top, skip to 5) 

5) What does death mean to you?

6) Please list the first few movies that come to you mind that feature older characters. 

7) Who are your favorite older actors (65+)?

8) What would you do if Death came to visit you? 

9) If Death came to you as an ex, who would it be (no names necessary, just characters!), and how would you react?